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Justice T S Arunachalam

A short life sketch of to multi - faceted Sri Parthasarathy is a difficult task, for pages after pages, will rush to get filled up, on nostalgic thoughts, about him A popular police officer known for his intellect and disciple as well for his skillful solutions to tricky problems, an affectionate parent, a guiding angel to his kin, friends and subordinates and a glittering golden star, In the firmament of public life - that is a short sum up of S P Sri P S Raghavan, the eldest son of S P was my classmate in Law and that paved the way for a continued association with that eminent person The first meeting was on an evening, at No 66, Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai His residence, with sprawling lawns and tasteful garden all-round I was Introduced as a class-mate in Law of his son and soon a volley of questions were showered to know almost all details about my family myself, my residence at Chennai, my hobbies , the scope of my interest in Law and so on and so forth Thus meeting was in his office room. As I left the office room I told Raghavan that It looked to me that the police officer had Interrogated me about all my antecedents Later, I realized how his affection left an indelible imprint in every sphere of information he had gathered from me Soon thereafter crossed the staircase I was taken to the dining hall adjacent to the kitchen and the first meeting culminated as a dinner meeting as well during dinner S P was incessantly questing us about the current news m India and abroad and now looking back I realize how much of wealth of Information I had gamed m my frequent meetings with him and how moulding of my thoughts, aspirations in life and achievements I aimed at, had the influence of his good sermons. Today I am happy that I saw my future, as a lad, through S P - a paragon of virtue with a clean and unassailable record in public and private life
S P a Master of law Degree holder joined the office of Sri Alladi Krishnaswamy, the legal luminary, as an apprentice - at - law .In 1927 he joined the Indian police Service .As the Commissioner of Police, Chennai he brought honour to that post. He made It a daily core, by means of an order, that anyone high or low, who desired to meet him, should be allowed to do so S P had personally spoken to many and redressed their grievances, wherever possible I have seen sometime people with influence seeking an Interview with leaving baskets of fruits etc on the verandah. The immediate reaction of this admirable police officer would be - ''Take back the baskets to your car and tell me your problem '' He was most sought after In public life and practically every evening he would be addressing a gathering

He was a friend of all politicians and by his suave arguments and convincing reason he was comfortably able to march ahead After retirement in 1961 from the Railway Board, New Delhi he had a dynamic role to play m the field of education. He was actively associated with several educational Institutions
When S P was the Commissioner of Police, he formed In his house a forum called the ''Saturday Evening Club'' for young students to meet and discuss matters of interest, every week - end . I was a member of that Club and many bureaucrats and Technocrats were members of this Club, which functioned successfully even after S P left for Delhi Even today so many high - ranking police officers, retired or In service, hold him in high esteem as a venerable Guru On retirement S P set apart an hour or two daily to guide aspiring student - competitors to the All India Services Examinations On his repeated representations to then the Madras Government of the great potential for lignite mining at Neyveli that project had its birth

SP was full of human consideration As soon as l finished Law, l wanted to join the clambers of Sri VT Rangaswami, the then Public Prosecutor and legal luminary whom, l did not personally know .As a student l had watched the immaculately dressed V T R. majestically walking like a tusker In the High Court, arguing in Court in chaste English, flowing freely, adorned with persuasive eloquence, and affable presentation, which could even make an Englishman gaze with astonishment S P asked me, whether I wanted to practice on the trial or Appellate side, Civil or Criminal side - I replied Sir, l know none of these sides and my only desire is to be by V T R's side Raghavan son of S P, who had also passed Law with me, equally desired to join V'TR's chambers .S P took both of us to VTR'S house and VTR. told us that there was only one vacancy for an apprentice and that too will arise after obtaining the permission of the Bar Council, to take the third, as a special case There was no hesitation In S P He told V T R - this boy Arunachalam is so particular to be '' by your side '' and lf there is only one vacancy please take this boy I will put my son elsewhere That was the great sacrifice - of the father and the son.
S.P was always willing to overlook minor faults in a person whale highlighting his Plus points and his occasional anger was intermixed with humor, the idea being to correct a person and not to punish him He was fluent in English and Tamil. His legal background gave him a very analytical mind and he was intellectually a colossus His humor and sympathetic approach endeared him to one and all His was, an universal love for people S P was a man of fearless countenance, full of courage and resolution. He enjoyed the esteem and respect of the public.
S P a superb Police Officer was the product of civilization the Master of Science In httlnalz experience, and the eternal sprig of wisdom S P was noted for his deep

Learning, clarity of thought, effective expression of his views in an appealed manner, reflecting his intelligence in an inestimable background, of sound and saving grace of common sense, wide and rich experience in the social system of the people, tremendous knowledge of human nature and a comprehensive and progressive view of human life This dynamic personality, with towering magnetic charm and a captivating voice, has left his indelible Imprints in public life

Pranams to that towering personality whom I ever admire and adore

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